Jaakko Lampela
CEO – M.Sc. in accounting and finance, CBM

050 566 5385

Jaakko is and M.Sc. in accounting and finance. He has over 20 years of experience from leadership positions in both Finnish and international businesses. Additionally, he has served as an advisor in the fields of finance, funding, restructuring and business development in numerous small and medium-sized companies.

Jaakko has completed the certificate for HHJ (Hyväksytty hallituksen jäsen) – CBM (Certified Board Member) and he is a founding member of Pohjois-Suomen hallituspartnerit ry.

Teemu Puumalainen
Investment Director – M.Sc. in accounting and finance

040 631 8362

Teemu has a M.Sc. in accounting and finance from University of Oulu. He has over 15 years of experience from leadership positions in international businesses. He has garnered experience from the retail, logistics and construction sectors and numerous different industries. Teemu’s strengths are in financial leadership, internal and external accounting and operative processes and their IT-solutions.

Teemu has been a member of board in international companies and worked with boards, owners, and other stakeholders in the companies he has worked at. He has participated in creating and growing of international business and has led and coordinated mergers and acquisitions from the standpoint of finances.

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