A company from Northern Finland is often the best in the world

We facilitate growth by investing in small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Finland that already have established operations. Between the years 2020 and 2021 we made an estimated 5 million euros worth of new investments.

The initial investment (first investment in a new company) is between 0,5 and 2,5 million euros. We can make additional investments, when necessary, on our own discretion. However, an investment in single company can only ever equal to 15 % of our fund’s total investments.

Our investment strategy also allows up to five early-stage growth investments. We require the early-stage companies to show remarkable increase in turnover and to demonstrate exceptional potential for the future growth. We can make early-stage investments amounting to a maximum of two million euros.

Our current investments are worth in total over 10 million euros. In addition to this our loans given out amount to around one million euros. In its investment valuations our venture fund complies with, when applicable, the recognition principles of Suomen Pääomasijoitusyhdistys.

Successful growth requires skill. In addition to our investment your company will benefit from our valuable expertise and partner network. We are an experienced partner in developing growing businesses and we have played a part in numerous successful growth stories.


Portfolio companies

in portfolio since 2021

Visionary sustainable materials

in portfolio since 2021

Rajobit automates routines

in portfolio since 2021

SensorFu automates cybersecurity

in portfolio since 2021

Disruptive water analysis technology

in portfolio since 2021

Solutions for industry water treatment

in portfolio since 2020

Changing indoor cellular testing

in portfolio since 2020

Refurbished laptops and desktops

in portfolio since 2019

Forerunner and developer of IMSE technology

in portfolio since 2019

Helping to care

Screentec Oy
in portfolio since 2018

Medical manufacturing solutions

Haltian Oy
in portfolio since 2017

IoT solutions for successful businesses

Valtavalo Oy
in portfolio since 2015

Lightning solutions

Best Glass Oy
in portfolio since 2011

Insulation, safety and fire protection glass producer


Spectral Imaging Oy
Exit in 2020

Hyperspectral imaging cameras and systems

Focalspec Oy
Exit in 2019

3D scanning and inspection

Arctic Drilling Company
Exit in 2018

Pioneer in ore exploration and diamond core drilling

Kide Systems Oy
Exit in 2018

Delivering solutions for clinical imaging

Sotkamo Silver AB
Exit in 2017

Operates silver mine in Sotkamo

Tietomekka Oy
Exit in 2017

Digitalizing infra maintenance

Tekniseri Group Oy
Exit in 2017

Industrial labelling and insulation products

JMC Engine Oy
Exit in 2016

Serial machining and assembly services